Jacqui Farley

Jacqui Farley

Property Management

Jacqui hit the ground running at the age of 16 being the youngest person in Tasmania to obtain her Real Estate Sale Consultants licence. Jacqui is passionate about Property Management and believes that great service and attention to detail combined with her sound knowledge and experience is the key to managing your most valued asset. In her spare time Jacqui loves to spend time with her family, entertaining friends, cooking and getting out doors.

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Great Job!

After putting out to tender and careful negotiation Jacqui Farley was engaged as our managing agent, this was after many months of repeated bad services from the outgoing agents. Since Jacqui has taken over the managing of the four properties owned by the company we have moved forward in a positive and proactive manner. We have received up to date advice on the legal requirements of the renting out properties, this advice has been invaluable to us as an organisation. The entire team at Beachwood Real Estate is always on hand to assist with the simplest request and there has never been a time that we have been left waiting. They are extremely professional and present themselves in the same manner both in and out of the office. As the HR Administrator for BRA, Rental properties are one of my roles, Beachwood Real Estate have made this role part of my role effortless and have complete confidence in their ability to manage our current properties and any further properties we may purchase. I also believe that they will manage our tenants well while keeping us abreast of all their needs. Beachwood Real Estate has an extremely high standard with their administration of our properties, we receive all our statements on time, and they’re clear and concise. I would high recommend Beachwood Real Estate to other businesses seeking property management.

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