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Making the right choice

The secret to choosing the right agency to sell your property? Ensuring that your needs are paramount. Beachwood Real Estate provides you with a range of choices to suit you best. Beachwood Real Estate understands that careful consideration of all your requirements is the best way to decide on the right marketing strategy.

There is always more than one way to sell your property. Beachwood Real Estate offers you the wisdom and confidence necessary to make the best choice from a range of sale options, from comprehensive marketing campaigns – including set price, auction or expressions of interest – through to low-cost passive options. We also advise you on easy ways to add a superlative touch to presentation.

Beachwood Real Estate will equip you to make the right choice every time. And help to make your nest the best!

The best sale for you

There is a wide range of marketing methods for selling your property. Beachwood Real Estate enables you to choose wisely by making a personal assessment of your needs. You will benefit from an effective marketing strategy – focusing on everything necessary to maximise the value of your property.

Our press and internet advertising achieves high levels of buyer acceptance because it offers a simple way to identify essential property information. Beachwood Real Estate also ensures that your property enjoys a high profile, no matter how long it is listed. This means that you won’t be disadvantaged if your property doesn’t sell straight away.


The fees that you pay Beachwood Real Estate will be determined by the marketing package you choose. After discussing with you, your particular needs, our sales consultants will offer you a range of choices and explain why some options may be more suited to the characteristics of your property, and its position in the market. By combining expert negotiation skills and superb advertising, Beachwood Real Estate will always deliver you the optimal final result.


Beachwood Real Estate can advise you on cost-effective ways to prepare your property so that it is at its best when the time comes to sell – even if this is still some way off. We encourage our clients to think ahead and begin to plan for a property sale as early as possible. Planting a feature garden bed, topdressing a lawn or giving your shrubs a heavy prune a few months before you list will create impressive results when you finally present your property to the market.

Beachwood Real Estate can also offer you professional advice on renovation options that will make the most of your investment. You might be surprised at how much value can be created by some very low-cost options – not to mention how much you can save by avoiding expensive mistakes!

Of course, sometimes our clients will want to sell at short notice. Beachwood Real Estate can help you make the most of your home when you only have a week or two, with advice and assistance for everything from a light garden or kitchen clean-up, to minor repairs and a lick of paint in the right place.

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